In LiveFullyTraining classes, to Live Fully is to learn to be at your best and fulfil your qualities and abilities as a human being: the ability to be focused and concentrated. The ability of dealing effectively with fear and pain. The ability to have pleasure in everyday life. The ability of putting a limit. The ability of crossing a limit. The ability of doing without extra effort. The ability of feeling grounded and powerful.

To live fully is to increase our attention and energy. To learn to be present and powerful, both in an exciting situation, in a challenging situation and when resting without anything to do.

To live fully is to be alive in every moment that life provides us, learning to deal healthy and naturally with the feelings and physical sensations that we experience.To transform pain and stress into energy and relaxation. To let go of fears that we keep stuck in our bodies.

To live fully is to live life with intensity. Learning to stop controlling yourself and start being yourself. To give steps to fulfil your potential and to be who you want to be in every situation.

What do you miss to live fully? Do you want to train that?

In LiveFullyTraining  classes you learn and have fun at the same time!

We will work especially with movement exercises, and also with concentration exercises, vitality exercises, breathing exercises, relaxation exercises. We aim to awake and strengthen different qualities that we human beings have:

  • Silence, concentration, clarity. Wide perception, feeling calm.
  • Joy, fun, relaxation. Vitality, passion, being natural. To do without extra efforts.
  • Freshness, closeness, personal freedom. To adapt to changes without suffering. 
  • Confidence, will, pleasure. To rest well, to feel powerful. To notice what you need. Simply To Be.