What is to Live Fully?

I understand Living Fully as simply Being. Describing it further, I describe Living Fully as learning to be at your best and fulfil your qualities as a human being who is made of billions of living cells: The ability to be focused and concentrated. The ability to deal effectively with fear and pain. The ability to have pleasure in everyday life. The ability of putting a limit. The ability of crossing a limit. The ability of doing without extra effort. The ability of feeling grounded and powerful.

To live fully is to be alive in every moment that life provides us, learning to deal healthy and naturally with the feelings and physical sensations that we experience. To let go of fears that we keep stuck in our bodies and to be more connected with who we are. To transform stress into focus and clarity, and to give space to pleasure.

What are the Live Fully retreats?

Stress was never meant to be a 24/7 experience, we are really only supposed to feel stressed in the five minutes right before we die. When you are being chased in the savanna by a wild animal, your stress response is supposed to save your life—it mobilizes your attention, muscles, and immune system to get you quickly out of danger. When animals escape, they come right out of fight-or-flight mode and into “rest-and-digest” mode, where the parasympathetic nervous system is working to replenish their resources.

I’ve created this weekend retreats aiming to give space to your “rest-and-digest” mode, supporting you in the sessions to give a step forward in what you want/need, while you have the perfect natural and healthy environment to replenish your resources.

For whom?

It is indicated for anyone regardless of their age or previous experience.
In case you have a serious illness or physical condition your doctor should be informed.

The number of places of each intensive is of a maximum of 4 participants. This small group gives you the opportunity to have moments of solitude that will facilitate your personal process, but also to share moments with other people, especially at meals.

You can come alone, having more time for you, but you can also decide to come with your partner, a friend or family and enjoy their company between the sessions of the program.

The language of the sessions can be English, Catalan or Spanish.