About Sergi

“I love to learn and to join body’s will to be grounded, strong and connected. That’s why I continue developing the stress & unresolved pain solutions that I successfully built up in London and Barcelona, and that I’m delighted to offer also in the mountains of El Penedès as a weekend retreat”

Sergi has been working as a successful qualified practitioner giving individual sessions and group workshops during the last 2 decades.

Sergi had always been interested in the ability that we humans have of learning and healing through the body. He was a teacher of yoga, mindfulness meditation and martial arts and he had studied a variety of healing therapies and techniques.

When Sergi qualified in different amazing methodologies – outstanding the Grinberg method – , more than 12 years ago, he was so passionate by the power and effectivity of what he was learning, that he decided to leave his former job as a graduate Engineer and dedicate his life completely to help people with different needs in physical recovery and in self-development, developing a unique 3 step system to help you stop or reduce the impact of stress related symptoms, long term pain and a variety of repetitive conditions.

It will be a pleasure to see you in the next retreat!

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